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Guido Marbach
Rosengarten 1b
6210 Sursee

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Galeriebetrieb: GmbH, Kirchgasse 26, 8001 Zürich. Anfahrt und Öffnungszeiten: Hier

PURPOSE of the official Website on the Artist Oscar barblan

Thank you for your visit to the official website of the artist Oscar Barblan. We are happy to answer any questions about his life and work, or about communication and marketing. Please also refer to the "Site and Terms" section for questions regarding copyright and reuse of the material. We kindly ask you to contact us by email.

The purpose of the website is to once again give Oscar Barblan the recognition he deserves and to provide art professionals and art lovers with access to the works of his artistic estate. For the first time, his works, his life and his bibliography are presented in such an extensive, detailed and structured way. Furthermore, the website hopes to inspire future exhibitions, publications and other activities.



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Oscar Barblan (1909-1987)
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